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Caring Honest Hardworking People!

We are Rocky Torres and Valintin.

We have worked with many investors doing their flips and rehabs. One of these investors was Jerryll with WeBuyHousesInConnecticut.com. He introduced us to buying houses ourselves. This is how we started.

There is no sappy story, no dramatic reason, sorry.

We were just observing how the WeBuyHousesInConnecticut team are making a difference, how their clients love them and how much fun we were all having during our flips (I am his contractor), and he simply inspired us to do this also. They always put their customers first and they are honest.  They helped us grow and although we are competitors, we work together on many projects and we help eachother grow!

We Buy Houses In CT

Under their guidance we now started our own Real Estate Investing Firm and we are now purchasing properties to rehab and flip. I truly think we can be of most help to people that want to sell their house fast because our offers will very likely be the highest offer you will get. Why?

Because we are the actual contractors that will work on the house. We do not need to hire contractors to do the work. We pass these savings on to you by making sure our offers are far better than any other company out there.

Our Company

We are All Masonry LLC. We are a full service home improvement team, that buys houses in cash, fixes them up and sell them again. It is not coincidence that we are the top choice here in Connecticut. We didn’t get here by taking advantage of others. Our reviews are not all amazing. We do not have 5 out of 5 stars. We have missed some goals, we have missed some calls and sometimes when there is more owed on the house than the house is worth, it may be hard to make a deal, and some people get angry. We cannot please everyone, but we promise that we will do our best to try.

When you request an offer from us, we promise

  • we will be courteous, and treat you with dignity
  • we will share all our numbers so you can see where our amazing offer comes from
  • we will involve our agent to give us and you an accurate market value of your house (at our expense)
  • we will involve our contractor to give us and you an accurate number of repair cost we would pay (at our expense)
  • that the offer is free, without any obligation to accept

As we are the top choice here in CT we are certainly not desperate to buy your house. This means never any harassing and never any pressure.

If the offer does not work for you, let us know how we can be of further help and because we are cold and calculated. We are here because people trust us and choose us over all others. We want to help, any way we can.


Scams & Credibility.

It is crucial that any service provider can show beyond a doubt that they are reliable, credible and competent.

Jerryll is an (ex) NASA roboticist, a scientist, researcher and engineer. He has a reputation of being kind brilliant and very understanding. There is no reason for us to be scamming people and besides it simply not being in our nature, it wouldn’t make any sense. We have invested a lot of time effort sweat and money in our reputation. We are registered with the state of Connecticut and the Better Business Bureau. Scamming anyone would jeopardize our good name that took us so much time to buildt. Trust is earned not given and we certainly earned it with the most reviews here in CT.

The Benefits Of Working With Us.

  • We help homeowners that want to sell their house without the hassles of listing it.
  • We make neighborhoods beautiful by transforming rundown houses into beautiful neat homes.
  • We help you make money quickly by doing all cash and fair transactions,

As you can see, everybody wins. We really don’t believe in pressuring you to sell to us. Sell to us, or sell to our competitors, as long as you are satisfied with the transaction!