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How to Sell a House in When There Are Multiple Owners

Owning a house with other people has a number of marked advantages: the financial burden of bills and repairs can be shared, and the labor of, say, yard work and maintenance is usually spread among multiple owners. But problems can come up when it’s time to sell. While the actual selling process is pretty much … Continued

Tax Implications of Selling Your Home in

If you’re selling your home, you likely just want to get it over with and get started on the new chapter in your life in your new home. But hold on – you may have to deal with the tax man. If you made a profit on the sale of your home, you may to … Continued

3 Tips for Protecting Your Real Estate Assets When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is never something you plan on, and it’s far from a pleasant experience. But it does happen, and the divorce process is usually complicated and sometimes ugly, especially when it comes to real estate assets. Certainly, you should hope for and work toward the best and most amicable outcome, but you should also prepare … Continued

The Benefits of Selling Your House Directly in a Divorce Situation

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience. It can also be financially draining, especially when it comes to dividing assets such as your home. In fact, one of the biggest assets that couples have to navigate during a divorce is their shared home. However, selling your house directly in a divorce situation … Continued

Selling A House In Joint Names Divorce In

In most divorces, hard feelings between spouses make selling a house in joint names divorce difficult, as more often than not, one or both parties want to inflict as much emotional harm on the other person as possible. Unfortunately, the couple’s shared finances often take the brunt of this ax-grinding. When selling a house in … Continued