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We Pay Top Dollar for your Connecticut House!

pay top dollar for your connecticut houseWe apparently work very different from our competitors. We are investors. Investors per definition want a return on their money investment. For us to make money we need to do business, make deals and close on houses and fast so we can move on to the next good deal. So in order for us to buy houses and sign contracts, we need to have our offers accepted. Lowball offers will not accomplish that. All that accomplish is create mistrust. We pay top dollar for your connecticut house! We give our maximum allowable offer we have the highest possible chance you the seller will accept the offer. Wondering “does anyone pay top dollar for my house in Connecticut?”

We Pay Top Dollar For Your House In Connecticut.

Sadly people in the business get greedy. It is understandable. Good deals are hard to come by. And when one finally shows up, people tend to try to get as much money (in this case, get the house from you at the lowest possible price) as deals are scarce. Thus doing it this way, one makes a lot of money per deal, but you will not do many deals as offers are not readily accepted.

Get top dollar for your house in ConnecticutOn the other hand, we at “House Offers Quick“, choose to Pay top dollar for your Connecticut house!  Indeed we do not make a lot of money per individual deal, but we do get a lot more contracts signed. More contracts means more revenue for us. In Return our sellers are happy and hopefully we get a reference from them (even more business for us).

So a direct effect is, we sign more contracts, buy more houses and you the seller get more money for your house. This is makes a lot of sense we pay top dollar for your Connecticut house.But the effects reach higher than just you and us. Our competitors will notice a drop in business. So in order for them to stay in business they will be forced to stop giving insultingly low, low-ball offers and start giving competitive offers. This in turn will eventually crush the notion that home cash buyers are people trying to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune.

If you agree and wish to be proactive in this positive chain effect this motion will bring forth, we ask you to please like this page and spread the initiative for better business practices. We are primarily a solution to distressed sellers, and sellers that just rather have the money fast for what ever personal reason they may have.

If you think we are the ones for you, then please fill in our form below, or visit our “I want an offer” page!

Remember there is no obligation and you have nothing to lose.

The We Buy Houses In Connecticut team.

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