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I Need To Sell My House In North Stamford CT FAST!

We Buy Houses In North Stamford CT In Any Condition And We Pay In Cash! Find Out How Our House Buying Process Works!

Sell My House In North Stamford CT We buy houses in North Stamford CT in any condition or location. If you want to sell your house fast for a fair offer please fill in our form to get your free no obligation quote. We are actively looking to buy houses to flip and rehab.

Whether you are in foreclosure, inherited an unwanted property, going through a divorce or simply are tired to be a landlord, we can help. Find out how much we would offer for your house in cash right now by filling in our form providing us a little bit of information about the house. Your info will be held completely confidential .Why not let us have a look and find out exactly how much we would offer for your house in North Stamford in cash!

We will try our best to make selling to us as attractive as possible.

  • Our offers are fair and free!
  • No lowball offers.
  • We Buy your North Stamford CT house with Tenants in place!
  • No need for repairs. We buy in ay condition.
  • You are not obligated to accept our offer. You have nothing to lose getting an offer from us.
Call us at (203)529-4712 or fill in our form to receive your cash offer and be done with the property right away and put some cash in your pocket.


Selling Your House In North Stamford CT With An Agent Vs. Selling It For A Fair Price To Us.

Selling your house the through an agent is no walk in the park. When it comes to selling your house, 3 options come to mind. 

Selling your house through an agent is not always the right choice. Often for houses more than 5 years old, houses in need of repairs, or houses in need of updating could cost too much work to make it agent friendly, and the market value is dramatically lowered due to the disrepair.

To add to this, often buyers will give much lower offers due to the repairs. The low offers go beyond just the cost of repairs needed. If the house does sell after months on the market, you still need to pay agent commissions and closing costs, on top of the cleaning and repairs you had to do.

Who will buy my house in Hartford CT?
An agent would ask you to fix this!

Selling your house to us is a good option. Bypass all the repairs, the agent fees, having people walk through your house for months, closing costs, taxes and insurance fees as well as holding costs by selling directly to us.

Our entire process is a no obligation to accept the offer process and there are no risks involved. Simply fill in our form, receive your offer and think about it. If it works just call us back with no pressure.

We offer the certainty of knowing your house will be sold, for how much we have agreed on in cash, and the date of closing the moment you accept our offer.

Skip The Costs, Agent Fees And Commissions By Selling Your House In Cash To Us!

If you are reading this you probably have  considered, or are considering selling your North Stamford Connecticut house. You may be wondering “well who is going to buy my house in North Stamford Connecticut? Selling my house in North Stamford Connecticut usually means it will sit on the market for months. And I have to pay realtor fees, and even make repairs. The whole point of selling my house in North Stamford Connecticut is to be rid of the stress and to put money in my pocket. See,s counterproductive if you ask me…”. Indeed we get it all the time.Imagine, within 24 hours receiving a no obligation all cash offer for your house in North Stamford CT. And walk away with cash in your pocket for your house within a week’s time? Sounds like a dream? Well  that is what we do.

We Buy Houses In Hartford CT

“I Would Never Have Thought You Would Give Me A Fair Offer For The Condition It Was In”

…entering the house without a mask was a hazard with all the mold. You gave me a fair offer and it was more than I expected. Thank you for not taking advantage of me!”             

Cindy P, 75 N Pearl St.

Don’t Worry About Problem Tenants, Or Costly Repairs!

Even if your house needs significant repairs, or if the house is occupied by trouble tenants, we will buy your house in cash. Let us worry about that.  We will close on the date of your choosing. If you need to sell now and close fast, great! If you need time, that is OK as well. No pressure, no hassles!

Would you like to sell your house as is in its current state without having to worry about costly repairs or it sitting on the market for months?

Time To Sell  Your House In North Stamford Connecticut?

What is the next step? Well, simple, find a buyer!

We buy houses in North Stamford for cash. We buy your North Stamford CT house in any condition and in any situation. We are a team of home buyers and investors always looking to add homes to our portfolio. Although houses in pristine shape are very desired, we love trouble houses as this give us the opportunity to be more creative during the rehab process. So do not be concerned about your particular situation, we will buy your  North Stamford Connecticut house! All you need to do is fill out this short form answering a few questions about your house and we will do the rest. Please go to our “How it Works” page.


Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

Fill In This Form To Get Your Cash Offer By Tomorrow!

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Or Give Us A Call Now At: (203) 529-4712

If you would like to follow our investing adventures, which properties we currently are looking at or how we are doing our rehabs from offer till final remodel visit our personal blog! If you like to see what we do with the houses we buy from you, visit our House Flipping Blog.