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I Need To Sell My House In Waterbury CT FAST!

We Buy Houses In Waterbury CT For A Fair Price In Cash! Our House Buying Process Works!


Let us make you an all-cash offer on your house in Waterbury CT. Although taxes are insanely high in Waterbury, we are very interested in buying your house. We will make a very attractive offer, and we’ll make sure the transaction is smooth and hassle free.

  • NO feesNO commissions when we buy your house. We pay closing costs !
  • We buy your house “as is”. You make no repairs!
  • We can buy your house regardless of what you owe.
  • We can get CASH in your hands in record time.
  • There is NO obligation and all of your information is kept completely confidential!

We understand that owning a house can be challenging, especially in Waterbury where taxes are ridiculous. No matter the reasons for selling, be it you are a tired landlord, avoiding foreclosure or you just want to downsize, let us have a look and find out exactly how much we would offer for your house in Waterbury in cash!

Call us at (203)529-4712 or fill in our form to find out how much in cash we would pay for your house!


We Buy Houses In Hartford CT

“I Would Never Have Thought You Would Give Me A Fair Offer For The Condition It Was In”

…entering the house without a mask was a hazard with all the mold. You gave me a fair offer and it was more than I expected. Thank you for not taking advantage of me!”             

Cindy P, 75 N Pearl St.

“Should I Sell My House In Waterbury CT With An Agent Or Sell It To You?”

Selling a house can be done several ways. The traditional way of selling (with an agent) is rapidly losing popularity and with good reason. Listing your house in Waterbury, especially when so many people want to leave waterbury may not get you the profit you are hoping to get, not to mention the very long periods of time the house will be listed (as not many people want to buy in Waterbury).

Who will buy my house in Hartford CT?
An agent would ask you to fix this!

Then you still have to pay agent fees, closing costs, if the house sells, as well as having to do repairs and cleanup to lure buyers to buy the house without a guarantee someone will actually buy your house in the first place. Selling through listing is not the best way to go about it, especially not in Waterbury.

Selling your house to us means,

  • no agent fees,
  • no repairs costs,
  • no time on the market,
  • no clean up,
  • no closing costs,
  • no crowds of people walking through your house complaining about every little dent in the walls.

We simply make an offer that works for you and us and if you accept the offer, all you have to do is pick a closing date. We can close immediately or we can wait months for you to be ready to move out. That is up to you.

We offer the certainty of knowing your house will be sold, for how much we have agreed on in cash, and the date of closing the moment you accept our offer.

Bypass The Costs, And Commissions. Sell Your House In Cash To Us!

Wondering “I Need To Sell My House In Waterbury CT Fast?“. Losing sleep over the thought “Who Is Going To Buy My House In Waterbury Connecticut?“. Not only do we want to buy your house, we will give you a very realistic and fair offer! Fill In our form to find out how much in cash we will give for your house in Waterbury Connecticut! Because we are interested in rehabbing and flipping the house, we will not require you to make any repairs or do any updating. Even if the house is in great shape we are still interested in buying. Just tell us the situation and we will do what we can to help!

Don’t Put Up With The Troubles Of An Unwanted Or Empty House Any Longer! 

Owning a house is costly. If you are not living in the house and the house is not making you money you are losing money. Every month that goes buy is a significant sum of money you are paying, in mortgage, lawn care, utilities, insurance, Taxes, maintenance and upkeep. If you have considered selling we can guide you through the steps to find out if it is indeed the best course of action.

We make selling your house to us completely hassle free.

  • There are no “potential” buyers that my or may not get financing.
  • No constant showings of potential buyers complaining about every scratch on the floor.
  • There are no low offers, no fees, no commission, no obligations.
  • There are no guesses how long the house will sit on the market, because we are not going to put it on the market. We are buying your house in cash!

Just fill in the form below to find out how much we will pay for your house in cash!

Need To Sell Your Waterbury House Fast?

We buy houses "as is", in any condition. Selling to us will result in no cost or fees for you the seller. Fill In this no obligation form and receive your cash offer within 24 hours!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

“I Need To Sell My House in Waterbury CT Fast!” – We Buy Houses In Waterbury CT.

Sell My House in Waterbury CT Fast
~ Dixie Lee, VP of Marketing.

If you have considered selling your house to a “Sell My House Cash As Is Connecticut”, or “We Buy Houses Connecticut” company because f real estate hardships like, age is making it harder to manage a property, foreclosure, pesky tenants or just want an easy as-is sale, we can help you! If you need to “sell your house as is Waterbury Connecticut”, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call and see for yourself how easy it is to sell your house in Waterbury CT (and surrounding cities like Meriden, Southington, Wallingford, and others) to us. 

“Building trust and reputation takes time, effort and dedication and the only way to get there is by treating our customers with integrity compassion and understanding”.

If you would like to follow our investing adventures, which properties we currently are looking at or how we are doing our rehabs from offer till final remodel visit our personal blog! If you like to see what we do with the houses we buy from you, visit our House Flipping Blog.